​​Molokai Bowhunters

Why not so many big bucks? 

Understanding the social environment of game animals is important in game management. For axis deer, the larger bucks establish dominance by preventing  smaller bucks from breeding majority of the does in a herd. However, if you continue to shoot all the big boys, the smaller bucks begin to take over and you will begin to see a decrease in the size and quality in your bucks. The management of your resources is key for quality mature trophy bucks and a balanced eco system. Do you have the self discipline to pass up shooting a buck to shoot a doe? Learn your hunting spot better than anyone else to make that decision.

Molokai Bowhunters Archery


whether you call iT Archery or bowhunting, we at Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club love this sport. we think you and your family will too.


The Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club is a family orientated, community based organization promoting the sport of archery for fun, fitness and bonding of friendship. We welcome all who are interested in participating, regardless of skill and/or experience. We have a number of certified instructors who are more than willing to help you get started. Our goal is to promote safety in all aspects of the sport, whether it be hunting, competition, target, or just plain shooting


Our 28 animal target outdoor range is available to our members year round. Guests must be accompanied by a member after signing our club waiver. 




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Date: November 18, 2017

Time: 8-9 am registration

10 am start​

​Frozen Turkeys Prizes!! 

Family potluck after shoot!



is the most critical factor in bringing your animal down. Not the size of your broad head. After all your hard work and preparation for crunch time, the biggest disappointment is not  recovering your game because of poor shot placement.