The "Molokai Bowhunters" Archery Club is a family orientated, community based organization promoting the sport of archery for fun, fitness and bonding of friendship. We welcome all who are interested in participating, regardless of skill and/or experience. We have a number of certified instructors who are more than willing to help you get started. Our goal is to promote safety in all aspects of the sport, whether it be hunting, competition, target, or just plain shooting for fun.

The Club is sanctioned by and holds a charter to The National Field Archery Association (NFAA) providing us with all the benefits that NFAA provides. We are also members of the Aloha State Archery Association.

Our Bow club is also dedicated to seeking opportunities to provide hunting access to our members. This allows us to not only enjoy hunting but to provide meat for our families in a unique way. Much thanks to Joey Joao who has given The Molokai Bowhunting Club free bowhunting monthly passes and $100 a day for off island members. Molokai Bowhunting Club is continually seeking hunting pass agreements including those who may have problems with excessive deer populations. Molokai Bowhunting Club has currently given hunting proposed plans and awaiting response from: Kawela Plantaion, Kalaupapa National Park, and Kaluakoi Home owners Association. The Molokai Bowhunting Club carries insurance that covers liability for all members during any Club Hunt. The Club’s goal is to control and manage, not eradicate the deer population. The axis deer of Molokai is a resource for our island people and we intend to assist in keeping a natural balance by making sure this resource is around for our future generations. If anyone has a deer problem or is interested in giving the club hunting access to assist, you may contact us through our website @ www.molokaibowhunters.com We also provide free consultation regarding hunting or managing deer on the island with 100% pure bowhunting!

Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club
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