Welcome to the Molokai Bowhunters archery club.  Membership benefits include access to our archery range, hunting privileges, and 10% discount on archery equipment and supplies at Take’s Variety store.  Please remember that your membership will expire on December 31 every year.  By becoming a member you have committed to assist the club with regular repairs and maintenance of our archery range. Please inform non-members it is not OK to shoot our range on their own. They need to join our club and commit to assisting with monthly range maintenance to receive the benefit of range access. If you would like to bring guests to shoot the range, please be sure to supervise them and inform them of our membership policies should they decide to join the club. All visitors are also required to sign our waiver before they step onto our range.

 Range maintenance is scheduled by our range managers Brian and Lance on a quarterly basis. You are encouraged to provide feedback on when your schedule would best allow you to participate during range maintenance or if there is another way you would like to assist with range maintenance and care. We also have monthly club shoots which help you to stay on top of your hunting game as well as practice for tournaments. We currently have one annual club Turkey shoot and one annual State shoot. We will also need your assistance in preparing for and hosting these events.

If you are interested in participating in a club hunt, contact our Vice President Kimo Kaiama and our Secretary John Thoene.

 Should you decide to no longer participate as a member due to personal reasons, please contact our Secretary John Thoene via e-mail and he can remove your membership until you decide to join again at a later time.

On behalf of our committee, we would like to thank you for becoming a member of the Molokai Bowhunters Club and hope you will have a fun and positive experience.

Kenny Dudoit-Enos (MBH Pres.)


​​Molokai Bowhunters